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We believe all hair is unique, and all women deserve a bespoke hair colour and style to look and feel beautiful.

Our philosophy

Over the years our main philosophy hasn't changed. Its all about creating beautiful hair and maintaining integrity in all aspects of your visit whilst providing a luxury  experience for each of our guests. 

I Am Hair Dural is dedicated to you and your hair. With constant growth and innovative approaches to colouring, styling and being the best versions of ourselves we strive to provide you with the most updated industry techniques. 


Our owner Chantel has embodied women empowerment in all aspects over the years.

Chantel’s brought this into I Am Hair with our goal of ensuring when you step out of I Am Hair you will not only look, but feel your best. 


We hope by showing the faces of I Am Hair, we show the women who empower us, so they can do the same for others.  


I Am Strong.

I Am Driven.

I Will Succeed. 



Behind every woman’s success, is the Women of I Am Hair who have her back - Chantel Saliba, Owner/Director 


Our team

Our team of hand-selected stylists have a vast amount of knowledge, experience and education behind them. Our stylists at I Am Hair have been educated, trained and empowered to high standards by our Owner & Founder Chantel and some of the countries leading head colourists & cutting experts. Our goal is to ensure when you step out of I Am Hair you will feel and look your best.


Get to know us

Need to know more? Get in touch with the I Am Hair team today.
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